Fuck the people who don’t like you. They truly don’t deserve you. They don’t see your talent and your beauty. They will never get to experience the wonders of your mind. They do not deserve to share your happiness when you have tried to share your heart and they decided not to share their own. Fuck the boy you really fell in love with and broke your heart. He never deserved it. Your heart is strong and passionate, and your mind is adventurous and courageous. Whoever cannot see such….fuck them. You need to stare at the reflection the mirror shows you because it is a glowing aura which only you possess. You are unique and you are beautiful. It doesn’t take a boy or girl or a romance novel or this damn text post to prove it. It only takes two fucking eyes and the ability to notice the obvious.

I still want you. I still feel like I need you. All I can do is imagine us together, and don’t call me crazy for that. It just means I’m really in love with the little things I know about you already, and I’m eager to know more. I want to see you mad. I want to see you drunk. I want to see what you’re like when you just sit alone at home eating breakfast. I want to know what color fills your closet the most. I want to know if you have art on your walls and magnets on your fridge. I want to know which hand you use to open the front door to your apartment and if you would rather wash or dry the dishes. I want to know what your mother is like or if you have a sister.

Maybe these questions are personal, or maybe they’re easy to answer. I just wish you would tell me. Because some days, I feel fine and having you in my life is okay. Other days, you have unbelievable control over how I feel and how my day goes. 

They’ll call me foolish and they’ll call me absolutely ridiculous, and I don’t care about them. I care about you. 

You aggravate me to the point of no return because I try to move on. I consistently try to find someone new, but somehow you slip into my life and stick your foot in the door I am trying to slam shut. Sometimes - and I hate to admit it - I find you. Beneath the surface of every new man I run into and talk to, you are present. Your eyes, your laugh, and your tattoos — they haunt me. These men smile at me and I frown because there you are. Please, if you want to put your foot in my door, let it break your toes and remind you of the mistake you made by never giving me a first, a second, or a tenth chance. If you want to slip back into my dreams and grasp memories of us, I want you to slip down a flight of stairs and fall on your back to remind you of how breathless you left me and, then, of the sharp pain that continues. Please, I’m begging you. Leave me alone because I would rather be alone now than have these blissful imagined scenarios, and these simplistic, yet vivid thoughts of you on my mind.

How lovely would it be to sit in a car and watch the snow fall to the point that all you can see is white? How peaceful would it be? Maybe I’m insane, but there’s something so pure about snow as it falls and collects and crunches beneath your feet, even. I love it.

All I want is for you to tell me things will be okay; things will work out. I know, though, you can’t because it’s unpredictable and overrated to see.

i gave up on trying to hold on. there’s only so long until you slip and fall. you’re left with nothing, but raw, cut hands, and you’re praying you have the strength to push yourself up from the ground to stand on your own two feet.

January 1, 2014

So you made it. You’re in 2014. I’m proud of you. Today is only the first day. If it does not go well, it is okay. Do not stress it. Do not become irritated and frustrated. You have 364 more days. Start over. Prove to yourself you are more than what you think. You can do this. This is your year to shine. This is your year to celebrate how beautiful and talented and truly magnificent you are. I believe in you. Smile. You’re loved. xoxo.

being a teenager is not easy and i wish the world could accept that instead of comparing the life of a teenager to the life of an adult. 


i hope all of you get to makeout w/ someone hot at a shitty party while one of these new arctic monkeys tracks plays in the background

i don’t think anyone really understands how much compliments actually mean to me like i usually brush them off with a joke and a quick “thank you” but really i remember compliments for forever so if you’ve ever complimented me or done something nice for me thank you so much wow